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A family affair… And of passion!

An entrepreneur at heart, united and festive, Mama Shrub has taken up a tasty challenge: to incorporate the benefits of apple cider vinegar into an alcohol-free, ready-to-drink, 100% natural beverage, full of benefits, and thirst-quenching wish!

Mama's little story!

At the heart of the familia, there is the Mama! Gathering, welcoming and reassuring, she takes jealous care of her tribe. She makes sure that the little drink is pleasant, refreshing and good for your health… just like her beverages!

What is Shrub?

It is a tangy syrup resulting from a maceration of fruits, sugar and vinegar.

Also called "drinking vinegar", it has a host of benefits. Mama Shrub wants you to benefit from its benefits and good taste at all times. They therefore decided to add sparkling water to make it a ready-to-drink beverage, 100% natural.

The benefits of apple cider vinegar
- Facilitates digestion
- Increases energy
- Regulates blood sugar
- Offers antiseptic properties