Collection: Smoke Show

Founded in Montreal in 2015 by Dave Rose, Smoke Show was born from what was supposed to be a wasted day after a long evening. After buying jalapeños on the way to his parents' house, his brother Nick waited for him with ribs at a smokehouse, unaware that all of these factors would conspire to create a national food brand based on chance and smoked jalapeños. .

In a moment of brotherly telepathy, Dave and his brother Nick put the jalapeño peppers in the smoker before tossing them into the sauce. They immediately realized this changed everything and quickly began brainstorming their first product: the cult Smoke Show Jalapeño Hot Sauce. The unique flavor profile of smoked jalapenos, maple syrup and smoke created enough buzz and local sales for Dave to quit his job as a commissary and expand the Smoke Show line to over 10 products and is now available at more than 500 retailers across Canada.