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Pickle Idéal

Red onions vinegared with sumac - 500ml

Red onions vinegared with sumac - 500ml

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Made in Montreal in collaboration with Quebec farms!

Ideal Pickle marinades are perfect for aperitifs, as an accompaniment to dishes or even cocktails!
Size: 500ml

Organic red onions, water, distilled vinegar (white), garlic, salt, sugar, sumac .

Storage: Tablet + Refrigerate after opening and consume within 30 days.

Pickle Idéal is revolutionizing aperitifs and condiments with more than 10 choices of organic vegetables. Our local market gardeners work hard and you can taste it in these marinades! In addition to being very pretty, they are delicious, and that is due to the passion for a job well done in the field. Pickle Idéal is local, original and very high quality pickles. In short, the vegetable is enough on its own!

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