Collection: End Soda

Artisanal soft drinks, made with fresh ingredients. Processed in Montreal.

Created by Pierre-Hugues⁠⁠, a veteran of the world of Montreal bars — having notably worked at La Distillerie, the Midway and the Coldroom for several years and having also been an ambassador for St-Germain elderberry liqueur and a bartender at the Hotel W—, Fin Soda saw the light of day like several other projects this year, which were born from ideas that germinated during confinement and the pandemic.

The alternative range which includes “non-alcoholic, but full of flavor” versions of our favorite cocktails, to drink without moderation!
The classic range , among which we find “flavors that we recognize combined with surprising blends, i.e. the Fin Soda twist”

The Seasonal Range , which includes drinks offered in limited editions, which “taste of Quebec”, even though they are made from local products, processed in the simplest and natural way possible.